Bishop of Tulsa Diocese

Most Reverend David A. Konderla


Father of Sacred Heart Parish

Father Carl Kerkemeyer

Parish Secretary

Ludivina Morales


"Amazing Parish" Leadership Team

Father Carl Kerkemeyer

Terry Jurgensmeyer

Dennis Siegmann

Inez Moore

Sara Osborn


D.R.E Director

Ludivina Morales


Finance Council

Virgil Jurgensmeyer-Chairman

John Machado

Pam Hayes

Randy Brady


Pastoral Council

Jane Osborn-President


Family Life Committee

Brett Hayes


Alter Society

Karen Painter


Knights of Columbus

James Stovall (918)-533-3698



James Stoval


Communications Committee

Dennis Siegmann


Corporal Works of Mercy Committee



Gabriel Project

Mary Sanders


RCIA Instruction

Father Carl Kerkemeyer


Bible Study

Shelba Walls


Estudia de la biblia

Father Carl Kerkemeyer


Worship and Liturgy Committee

Mary Sanders



Francie Taylor


Liturgy of the Hours

Father Carl Kerkemeyer


Liturgical Ministers

Sara Osborn (918)-540-4824


Choir and Music



Catholics in Action-NEO College

Dennis Siegmann


Evangelization Committee



Legion of Mary

John Walls


That Man is You (TMIY)

Dennis Siegmann


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