The Gabriel Project

The Gabriel Project is a confidential, compassionate outreach to mothers who are facing an unplanned pregnancy.  A Gabriel "Angel" will provide emotional, spiritual and practical support during pregnancy.  
Sacred Heart coordinator is Mary Sanders
Mothers who need help, are supposed to call Sacred Heart Church. 918 542-5281

Worship and Liturgy Committee

This committee is part of the Pastoral Council.  It provides practical support
to the church in areas of worship and liturgy such as music, liturgical ministers, and changes in liturgical seasons.  We are also available to listen to and consider new ideas for implementation in the area of worship and liturgy.
Sacred Heart coordinator is Mary Sanders.

Sacred Heart Altar Society

Membership: All women of Sacred Heart Parish
Dues: $10.00 annually collected in September
Meetings: Second Tuesday of the month; September through May, unless otherwise noted.
Evening Meetings: 6:15 Rosary,Mass 6:30, Meeting at 7:00
Lunch Meetings: 11:15 Rosary,Mass 11:30, Meeting at Noon
Altar Society Purpose: To foster prayer and unity among its members for social, educational and religious activities.

Altar Society Ministry: Purchase Altar supplies, hosts, wine, flowers, Sacramentals. Provide parish dinners, Funeral dinners, and support parish and local charitable community projects.    

Contact: Karen Painter 2515 N. Main  Miami, OK.  74354

Religious Education Sacred Heart Parish

Religious Education at Sacred Heart is one of preparation for life. We strive as a community to help you prepare your child for life as a Catholic Christian in a world whose values are often diametrically opposed to Christ’s gospel. We hope to give our young people the basics of their Catholic religion, but more importantly, to nurture in them the gift of Faith that God gives each of us; to enable them to make decisions large and small that reflect Christ-like attitudes; to show them how to build healthy, loving relationships; to awaken in them an awareness of the needs of others and to encourage them to actively respond; to help them become comfortable with prayer as a personal and communal experience; to foster a sense of belonging to a community of believers, both as givers and receivers.

Religious Education Classes are held on Wednesday:

Pre-School through Eighth Grade from 4:30 pm to 5:50 pm
Ninth through Twelfth Grade from 6:30 pm to 8:00 pm

Fees: $20.00 per child – Families add additional $15.00 per child

Contact: Kay Walser – CRE
2515 N. Main, Miami, OK. 74354

Education Committee:

Philosophy: In the decree of Vatican II concerning Education of Youth, parents are the primary teachers of children. The role of Sacred Heart Religious Education Program is to enhance the teaching of morals, doctrines and attitudes with the parents and continue the formation of each child to become disciples of Jesus Christ. Work with parents to help prepare their children to receive the Sacraments of Baptism, Reconciliation, Eucharist and Confirmation. A Program based on love of God; love of neighbor; respect for individual uniqueness; and integration of religious truths and values has been established with opportunities for service activities and experience of community.

The teacher/catechist in our Religious Education Formation are volunteers. They have participated in Diocesan preparation programs as well as in-service, teacher meetings. They provide the needed services of teaching and supervision when your children attend Religious Education classes.

Parents are to support and reinforce the catechist efforts by helping their children with homework, memorization of prayers or basic doctrine, in participation at Mass and in being an active participant in learning about the Good News of Jesus.

Contact: Kay Walser – CRE
2515 N. Main, Miami, OK. 74354

Adult Bible Study

If you want a deeper relationship with God and a better understanding of our faith then join us for a great adventure in God’s Holy Word.

You will not only benefit personally, but you will also help to bring about a profound renewal in our parish as we all grow closer to Christ.

Wednesdays 6:30-8:00 pm
Parish Hall
(Except Summer Break)
For more info contact:
Shelba Walls

Legion of Mary Sacred Heart Church

The object of the Legion of Mary is the glory of God through the holiness of its members developed by prayer and active co-operation, under ecclesiastical guidance, in Mary’s and the Church’s work of crushing the head of the serpent and advancing the reign of Christ. The Legion has active individuals doing apostolic work and individuals that pray for the success of the Legion work. Together the group complete the tasks set forth by Mary our Mother.

Pastoral Council


The council is a consultative body by which The Christian faithful of Sacred Heart of Jesus Parish, together with those who have pastoral authority in the Parish, “give their help to foster pastoral activity”.  The council, consisting of representative members of the parish, with the Pastor, joins together in fulfilling the Church’s ministry relative to the spiritual  matters of the Parish.

2017 Pastoral Council Members

Pastor                 Rev. Carl Kerkemeyer (Ex-officio)

President            Jane Osborn

Vice President    Julia Hargis

Secretary            Debbie Jurgensmeyer

Committees - Chairperson

Education - Kay Walser

Worship/Liturgy - Sara Osborn

Family Life - Brett Hayes

Corporal Works of Mercy - Senrita Hamelai

Evangelization/Ecumenism - Sara Osborn

Vocations - Rev. Carl Kerkemeyer

Estudio de Le Biblia

!Bienvinedos, amigos en Cristo!

Estamos estudiando la biblia y otros libros, ahora Redescubre el Catolicismo, por Matthew Kelly, despues de la 4 p.m. Misa domingos.  !Venga!  

Contacto:  Parroco, Padre Carl Kerkemeyer, 918-542-5281


Adult Catholic formation - What do Catholics really believe?  Does God want me to be and live Catholic?

Non-Christian, non-Catholic Christian and Catholic Christian adults are encouraged to learn the basics of the Catholic faith through an interactive process known as R.C.I.A. based on the practice of the early Church.  R.C.I.A. is open to those searching, inquiring, questioning and engaging God's revelation.  Weekly Wednesday meetings, starting with 6:00 p.m. Evening Prayer in the Adoration Chapel.  
Contact:  Pastor Carl Kerkemeyer (918-542-5281). 

Liturgy of the Hours

Liturgies of the Church

The Paschal Mystery is the "source and summit" of our lives.  Each time we gather for liturgical worship of God we enter into this glorious Mystery that gives us eternal life.  Whether participating in daily Mass or the Liturgy of the Hours with the "hinge hours" of Morning and Evening Prayer and other liturgies, we celebrate the highlight of our lives, life in Jesus Christ.    

Contact:  Parish Office (918-542-5281)

Catholics in Action: NEO A&M CIA

This campus club was formed during fall semester of 2013 by students at NEO A&M College who wanted to stay in touch with their Catholic faith. It was officially sanctioned by the Student Body Government (SBG) and I agreed to be the faculty sponsor. For four semesters, the organization was led by Tim Taylor, an agriculture major from Vinita, OK, who graduated in May, 2015. Monthly lunch meetings typically had a half dozen or so students in attendance, with Fr Carl present when available. The CIA hosted a Mardi Gras party two years and participated in Homecoming events on campus. Two students served at the Harbor, Miami’s homeless shelter.

The club can apply for funding from the SBG, but must participate in a minimal amount of campus activities to continue its existence. Sacred Heart parish held a pie auction to benefit the CIA’s treasury in 2014.

The CIA must be student-led, particularly since I am a very busy person with many commitments during the academic year. Its existence into 2016-2017 will depend on the recruitment of some interested Catholic students with leadership potential. I will have a table representing the CIA at NEO’s Welcome Week in August and will have a sign-up list for interested freshman and transfer students. I will also send out publicity about the organization to the student body.

My goals for the CIA are to have regularly monthly lunch meetings to encourage camaraderie among Catholic students. I would like to invite adult guests to these meetings to talk briefly about the importance of faith in their lives. I would like to keep the students updated on the liturgical year and activities at Sacred Heart and to encourage mass attendance and daily personal prayer throughout their college journey. 

I am quite open to ideas and support from the Sacred Heart Community! I can be reached through email at My cell number is (620) 332-9580..

Corporal Works of Mercy Committee

We help people with their needs – physical, mental and spiritual.  Locally, in cooperation with various organizations, such as Ottawa County Ministerial Alliance, The Harbor, Hearts & Hammers, Bridges Out of Poverty, BrightFutures, seasonal food baskets and Catholic Charities of the Diocese of Tulsa, we give them food, educate them, provide home needs, shelter and financial assistance from a Catholic Christian perspective.


Monday Adoration initiated January 17, 2011 with individuals and couples committed to an hour of adoration weekly before the Blessed Sacrament.  Most of the initial group continues.  Time is spent in prayer, petition and gratitude for all the Lord’s blessings.  Within the Adoration Chapel we are also blessed to have relics of many saints and also a Relic of the True Cross. 

Monday 10 – 10 pm; Friday 3-7 p.m.

Contact:  Francie Taylor


Estudio de Le Biblia

!Bienvinedos, amigos en Cristo!