Policies for the Protection of Children and Young People-Tulsa Diocese

July 1, 2016

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

Our parish and the entire diocese continues to give thanks for our new Shepherd, His Excellency Bishop Konderla, the fourth Bishop of the Diocese of Tulsa. It is also in gratitude that we acknowledge that on his first full day as our Shepherd, Bishop Konderla has worked to ensure that the most vulnerable in our diocese are cared for and protected.

In adherence to the USCCB Charter for the Protection of Children & Young People that governs safe environment protocols, His Excellency has promulgated the new Policies & Procedures for the Protection of Children & Young People for the Diocese of Tulsa. The new policies supersede the 2003 Policies Concerning Sexual Misconduct.

Bishop Konderla has stressed that providing a safe environment to our children, youth, and vulnerable adults is a community effort and everyone can contribute. In this spirit, I would ask that everyone, especially leaders in the parish, take the time to read Bishop Konderla’s letter and familiarize themselves with the new policies and procedures. We will need to ensure that our local parish programs adhere to these new provisions.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact:

Harrison Garlick, Chancellor, serving as Director of Child & Youth Protection

harrison.garlick@dioceseoftulsa.org - (918) 307-4918

Mary Malcom, VIRTUS Coordinator

mary.malcom@dioceseoftulsa.org - (918) 307-4941

Michelle Bartlett, Safe Environment Audit Coordinator

michelle.bartlett@dioceseoftulsa.org - (918) 307-4919

I look forward to working with everyone to better our community for the sake of those we have a sacred obligation to protect.

                                                                                                In Christ,

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Tulsa Diocese 2016 New Policy