Choir Director Job Description


Choir Director


Job Title:  Choir Director-Sacred Heart Parish, Miami, Oklahoma

Reports to:  Pastor


Goals – For Choir Director

Develop a prayerful, singing assembly through celebration, preparation and personal ministry.
Cooperate with the Pastor to support the gospel message through song.
Challenge the assembly to live the gospel message more fully.


Goals – For Music Ministry Program

Build and sustain liturgical singing/participation at weekend Masses, Holy Days of Obligation, Triduum and other parish events that may occur; funerals, Confirmation…
Recruit, train and sustain cantors and choir members.
Organize and develop a children’s music program


Duties of Choir Director

Responsible for selected music associated with ordinary liturgical celebrations and special celebrations as mentioned in above paragraph.
Provide preparation for cantors, accompanist and choir members for liturgical celebrations.
Remain current in regards to new developments in music and liturgical settings so as to serve as a resource to the pastor and parish as a whole.
Monitor copyright restrictions and ensure appropriate licensing is maintained.


Expectations of Choir Director

Meet with pastor as needed to coordinate liturgical celebrations.
Attend liturgical committee meetings.
Participate in liturgical workshops, as available, to continue developing and increasing the mission of pastoral liturgy.


Salary (Part Time Position - Open until filled)

Negotiable/Depends on Experience
Extra stipends available for:

                Summer Music Camp

                Increased Enrollment Incentive

                Support development of a children’s choir


    Expense Account: As determined by the annual Sacred Heart Parish Budget.