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Miami, Oklahoma

Job Description

TITLE:Director of Religious Education (DRE)

ACCOUNTABILITY:The Director of Religious Education works under the direct supervision of the Pastor.

SUMMARY: The Director of Religious Education (DRE) works in collaboration with the Pastor to develop and maintain comprehensive parish catechetical programs for all ages, including children, youth and adults. The goals of this position include:

•Communicating an enthusiasm for the Catholic faith among parishioners, their families and guests.

•Planning and oversight of the parish religious education program including sacramental preparation (infants through elderly).

•Facilitating parent and catechist meetings, retreats, and workshops.

•Serving as a resource for youth ministry events.

•Serving as a member of the Parish Pastoral Council.


I.  Administrative: The DRE completes or delegates the following:

a.Orders books and supplies.

b.Sets the calendar for catechetical programs and events.

c.Works with the pastor and Finance Council to set the religious education budget.

d.Reserves needed facilities and equipment.

e.Provides a safe environment for all by securing and maintaining files for background checks and training for staff and volunteers working with children and adults per diocesan guidelines, including Virtus training.

f.Answers administrative questions regarding catechetical programs.

g.Conducts and promotes an annual registration process.

h.Maintains records of participation in catechetical programs and sacraments.

i.Maintains records of achievement for catechists that include participation in safe environment requirements, diocesan and parish catechetical formation events and applicable certification processes.

j.Participates in diocesan and parish staff meetings, coordinating catechetical ministry with other parish ministries.

k.Serves as liaison with the diocesan office of religious education and their programs, services, and resources.

II. Catechetical: The DRE:

a.   Sets and implements catechetical vision for the parish based on contemporary Church leadership to develop the parish as an evangelizing community.

b.   Develops and provides total parish catechetical programs for all ages with particular focus on children and youth in grades K – 12.

c.   Provides formation for the celebration of the sacraments for parishioners of all ages with emphasis on fostering the role of the Christian family.

d.   Evaluates and selects catechetical resources (texts, materials, etc.) utilizing diocesan norms and policies.

e.   Recruits catechists.

f.    Supports and develops catechists by leading catechist training and providing catechetical resources.

g.  Maintains a support system and sets responsible boundaries in order to balance ministry, community, family, and personal and pastoral relationships.

III. Skills:

a.   Personal: Self-starter, good listener, ability to safeguard confidential information, ability to give and take direction, handles multiple tasks, exhibits oral and written communication skills, and utilizes electronic communication technology.

b.   Communal: collaborative; adept at planning, organizing, implementing, and evaluating programs; inspires others to conversion and personal and spiritual growth; delegates tasks to appropriate personnel; manages conflict; integrates a family perspective in ministry.


The pastor is the supervisor of the DRE.
The DRE may supervise other catechetical leaders.
Close cooperation with area DREs, youth ministry coordinators, and RCIA coordinators.
Close cooperation with pertinent diocesan personnel.
Regular communication with parents and parishioners in general, as appropriate.
Regular communications with appropriate diocesan and parish offices and adherence to diocesan and parish policies.


•Fully initiated Roman Catholic, an active member of Sacred Heart Catholic Parish, an active participant in the Church’s liturgical and sacramental life (including, if married, a valid sacramental marriage).

Demonstrated knowledge of the Catholic faith (which may include catechetical certification, undergraduate or graduate work in theology or religious studies).
Demonstrated facility with contemporary means of communication (including email, text-messaging, Facebook, Parish Website, etc.).
Demonstrated ability to work with a variety of people in different communities.
Openness to cooperate on ecumenical and interfaith levels of different cultures, representing our parish community.
Experience working with children and families.
Parental resource for our Parish.


Estimated 20-25 hours per week during the academic year (September - May)
Weekend hours will be required and occasional evenings (meetings, etc.), including Sunday Masses on a rotational basis.
Schedule a minimum of 15 sessions for each semester.
6-8 hours of office time (schedule negotiable)
The remaining work can be done from home.
Summer hours reduced to approximately 8 office hours/week (June-August)
Some travel will be required.
Valid driver’s license.
Current clearances.



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