History of Priests and Bishops of Sacred Heart Mission & Church

Priest of Sacred Heart Mission and Parish


1893-1905 Father William Ketcham

                  Father Alphonse Herenthals

                  Father Maurice d’Haenens (Dannis)

1905-1912 Father John Feijen (Feyen)

1912-1927 Father James Wagner

1927-1931 Father George Grievenkamp, C.PP.S

1931-1944 Father George Aman, C.PP.S

1944-1947 Father Walter Wartinger, C.PP.S

1947-1953 Father Robert Roster, C.PP.S

1953-1954 Father John Newton, C.PP.S

1954-1956 Father Norbert Missler, C.PP.S

1956-1959 Father Emily Meyer, C.PP.S

1959-1963 Father John Wilson, C.PP.S

1963-1969 Father Francis Weiner, C.PP.S

1969-1977 Father James H. Schrader, C.PP.S

1977-1994 Father Albert J. Fey, C.PP.S

1994-2001 Father Michael R.K. Rooney (first Diocesan Priest)

2001-2008 Father Gregg Elliott

2008-         Father Carl Kerkemeyer




Bishop Theophile Meerschaert, Vicar Apostolic of the Indian Territory (1891-1905)  Served as Bishop of Oklahoma (1905-1924)


Bishop Francis Clement Kelley, Bishop of Oklahoma (1924-1930).  Bishop of Oklahoma City and Tulsa (1930-1948)


Bishop Eugene J. McGuinness, Coadjutor to Bishop Kelly (1945-1948). Bishop of Oklahoma City and Tulsa (1948-1957)


Bishop Victor J. Reed, Bishop of Oklahoma City and Tulsa (1958-1971)


Bishop John R. Quinn, Bishop of Oklahoma City and Tulsa (1972-1973)


Bishop Bernard J. Ganter, Bishop of Tulsa (1973-1977)


Bishop Eusebius J. Beltran, Bishop of Tulsa (1978-1992)


Bishop Edward J. Slattery, Bishop of Tulsa (1993-2016)


Bishop David A. Konderla, Bishop of Tulsa (2016-present)