Lighthouse Catholic Media

Lighthouse Catholic Media offers a practical and effective program to help Catholics know their Faith, keep their Faith, and share their Faith!   We all have friends or family members who have fallen away from the Church, or loved ones who are searching for answers about their Faith and want to increase their knowledge and understanding but don’t know where to begin.  Now you can reach out to them by offering a wonderful learning tool - a Lighthouse CD.  Whether in the car or at home, people can deepen their understanding of the Catholic Faith when they listen to inspiring talks given by so me of the best Catholic speakers in the world. 

In the vestibule of the church is a beautiful kiosk, on the north wall, that holds a large variety of inspiring CDs, best-selling Catholics books, informative booklets, and more! The CDs are audio recordings of inspiring talks on various topics of Catholic life to help build up your faith in God and give inspiration in your life. 

You will hear the best speakers in the world, such as Dr. Scott Hahn, Archbishop Fulton Sheen, Blessed Mother Teresa, Matthew Kelly, Fr. Robert Barron, and many more.

The following CDs are currently available: