Monthly Liturgical Schedule


First Sat.  of  the Month

First Sun. of Month

Second Sat. of Month Second Sun. of Month

Third Sat. of Month

Third Sun. of Month Fourth Sat. of Month Fourth Sun. of Month

Fifth Sat.      of Month 

Fifth Sun. of Month
Greeter 2 per Mass  


Kay Walser           Kay Walser  
      Therese Capolino           Therese Capolino  
Altar Server 4 per Mass Blaine Taylor James Stoval   Alexa Payne   Brett Hayes John Machado John Walls   John Walls
  Gabe McCormick Lexi Stoval   Blake Klein-knight   Ryan Hayes  

Jade Klein-knight

  Isabella Renfro
    Shantall Padron   Michael Heyburn       Isabella Renfro   Jade Kleinknight
Lector 2 per Mass Mary Bluejacket Pam Hayes Mary Sanders Carrie Heyburn John Machado Pam Hayes Patty Sommer-hauser June Taylor

Chris Dunaway

June Taylor
  Chris Dunaway Debbie Cassell Joe Capolino Phil Hofschulte Dave Walser Ginny Stinson   Debbie Cassell Patty Sommer-hauser Debbie Cassell
EMHC 3 per Mass Kathy Mussat Bill Osborn Patty Sommer-hauser Shelba Walls Terry Jurgens-Meyer Kim Faust Sara Osborn Bob Taylor   Robert Taylor
    Jane Osborn Frieda Bowlers John Walls Chris Dunaway Debbie Glassman   Sara Osborn    
    Bill Moore Ed Sommer-hauser Virgil Jurgens-Meyer Virgil Jurgens-Meyer Frank Faust Virgil Jurgens-Meyer James Stovall    
Ushers 4 per Mass Jim Diamond Frank Faust Dennis Yust Bob Taylor   Mike Glassman   Nash Flores    
Sacristan Chris Dunaway         Nash Flores     Sara Osborn  




We will now be gathering by the baptismal font 5 minutes before Mass for a prayer with Father Carl.

 Exciting new step for our Amazing Parish!!!

Thank you for your continued dedication to serving our Lord.  You make our parish Amazing!


EMoHC, Lectors, Altar Servers, Ushers, if you are unable to fulfill your scheduled obligation, please find a substitute. If you need a schedule, please contact Sara Osborn by