Amazing Parish Leadership Team

Vision Statement and Responsibilities

                                             VISION STATEMENT

We the Leadership Team of Sacred Heart Catholic Church accept this as our vision statement to live our daily lives by:

Praying daily for parish and our church

To live by the truth and love taught to us in the gospels

To serve the needs of others by being servants of God

Contributing to the growth of our parish by being united as a parish where we can spread the Gospel by word, witness and evangelization


Team Members Responsibilities


Pray daily the prayer for Sacred Heart parish

Dear Heavenly Father, we come to you for the good of our parish. Make us work in a spirit of trust, love, and understanding so that we may experience an abundance of light, compassion and peace.  Keep our eyes ever fixed upon You, O Lord.  Enable us to do Your will in our lives, no matter the difficulty it may entail.  Protect Sacred Heart from any attempt to diminish Your loving action among us. Send us Your Holy Spirit and renew our parish with a vivid sense of Your presence. In the name of Your Son Jesus Christ, Amen

Maintain attendance of meetings 90% or better

Attend meetings and come prepared

Provide support at meetings

Be engaged in parish life at Sacred Heart

Be a parishioner of Sacred Heart where you attend the majority of your masses

Believe in our vison statement as shown by examples you set in your life

Respect, Truthfulness, Trust, of and to other team members

Be an active greeter at masses attended

Minimum committment for two years with reappointment at Fathers discretion



Development of a vision statement

Development of team expectations

Development of Parish Prayer

Investigate need and develop Parish Website - Completed/ongoing

Organize Flow Chart of Parish Responsibilities - Completed

Develop and Construct Parish Job Descriptions for Accountability - Ongoing

Finance Council Job Description and Responsibilities - Completed

Choir/Music Director Job Description and Responsibilities - Completed

Religious Education Director Job Description and Responsibilities - Completed

Purchase 55" Flat Screen TV and Mobile Cart for Parish Use - Completed

Theology Uncorked Program - Ongoing

Vacation Bible School - Completed

Review Parish Hall Renovation Project - Ongoing

Coaching and Advisement to Father Carl upon his request

Research other Parish's that may enable Sacred Heart to be even "More Amazing"







Parish Organizational Chart

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This is a flow chart of the organization of the Sacred Heart Parish, Miami, Oklahoma. It was developed by the "Amazing Parish Leadership" team under the direction of Father Carl Kerkemeyer in June, 2015.


"Amazing Parish Leadership" 

Team Members

Father Carl Kerkemeyer

Terry Jurgensmeyer

Ines Moore

Sara Osborn

Saying Good-Bye to Chuck and Mary Ellen with Love!

A special Welcome to New APLT Member Sara Osborn!